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Q. 什么是适应性时尚?
Q. Is technology interfering with the creative process in art?


Q. 什么是适应性时尚?A: 哈利斯 ‘22, winner of the first PETE Prize for Innovation, developed a line 有特定健康状况的人的衣服. 播放视频

When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with a heart condition…My clothes didn’t work with a heart monitor, so I either had to carry it around or tuck it into the waistband of my pants. 我用时尚作为应对这种经历的一种方式.

Q. Is technology interfering with the creative process in art?A:  I think that the technology that is coming and that we are seeing now can help elevate 视觉艺术和插画到一个新的地方. 

"As long as artists are in touch and in tune with their feelings and the feelings of other people, they’ll always have the ability to create more unique pieces than 任何技术能带来的东西. "

约翰P. Dessereau的19插图 MFA



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