During winter session, ITM students travel abroad for International Trade 实习. This is an an international field trip to observe, learn, and understand a country's 时尚市场,贸易,人和历史. 在一位全球赌博十大网站教授的指导下, students work individually or on small groups on a re搜索 project related to their 专业或职业规划. 每个人或团队在会议结束时做一个报告 实地考察,总结研究成果. 参与者学习国际采购 contacts, conduct international field re搜索, develop safe travel skills, and handle 旅游突发事件. Several pre-trip planning sessions in New York City are required. 申请截止日期为旅行前一个学期.


January 5 –19, 2024 (End date might be shortened to keep the trip fee manageable.)

itm -实习- 2024

This ITM practicum offers students interested in international businesses a great opportunity to observe a dynamic economy with strong links in global supply chains. Australia is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world, with the 世界第12大经济体. 全球网络赌博平台将研究澳大利亚的时尚市场,羊毛产业, popularity of U.S. 品牌,历史,当代社会和政治问题.  

费用将是项目费用加上三个学费学分. 费用将会确定 2023年春季学期.  费用包括机票、双人房、每日早餐、 还有观光旅游.

更多信息请发邮件 Sonja Chapman教授.


These are the questions we receive most often about ITM实习.

Students participating in 实习 select their topics in the fall semester prior to the field trip and they have a choice of doing their projects individually or in 团队.

Starting early in September they develop a project outline, use library and Internet to obtain secondary data, contact and visit local companies and agencies in New York 进行初步访谈. 他们还会联系目标国家的公司 安排面试和访问.

After arriving to the target country, students learn about its economy, markets, business 实践,和人一起完成他们的研究项目. 他们的研究结果如下 to the group, and graded by the professor, in a formal session the day before coming 回到美国.

这段话描述了全球网络赌博平台的不同 部门和项目. 这是一个机会 展示机会的广度. 这段话描述了全球网络赌博平台的不同 部门和项目. 这是一个展示机会之广的机会. 这段话描述了全球网络赌博平台的不同 部门和项目. 这是一个机会 展示…的广度.

这段话描述了全球网络赌博平台的不同 部门和项目. 这是一个机会 展示机会的广度. 这是一段描述

每个国家都有自己的签证要求. 你必须持有有效护照 not expire within a year of the practicum date and you must obtain a tourist visa 在纽约领事馆. 请注意,有些国家需要一个月或更长时间 in granting visas. 全球赌博十大网站's Office of International 项目 will issue instructions 如何申请签证.

It is always recommended, before an international trip, to re搜索 the health environment 你的目的地. 一个好的起点是网站的 疾病控制中心(CDC)世卫组织为所有国家维持健康警报. 打印信息并带来 it to your personal physician at least three months in advance of your trip in case 她建议接种疫苗或采取其他预防措施. 注:需要三个月的交货时间 because some vaccines are not stocked by physicians offices or pharmacies and they 已经向制造商订购了吗. 而且,大多数疫苗都需要注射 least 2-3 weeks in advance in order to activate their defense in the human body. In general, each person's medical conditions are unique and only your personal physician 如何才能最好地确定如何为安全的出国旅行做准备.  

尽早注册,并在所有截止日期前完成. 只要你之前申请 we reach maximum enrollment, your re搜索 topic is approved, and you meet all deadlines, 你可以指望参加下次实习.

Yes, ITM welcomes students from all majors to participate in the 实习. 在 past, we have had students from FBM, 时装设计, AMC, and other majors. 事实上, they make this field trip more exciting with their different professional perspectives. They should enquire in advance with their academic advisors in their departments about whether they can use these three credits as an elective course.