These are courses that introduce students to the most popular software and applications 用于大学,各种专业必修. 这些经历会有所帮助 学生们正在为他们的大学新生生活做准备.

HPC 001数字短片基础
This practical, hands-on course will show you the basics of writing, budgeting, scheduling, 准备、拍摄、剪辑和发行一部短片. 这门课太完美了 for students who are curious about film, or who plan to use digital technology for 在大学或娱乐中做创造性的演讲.

Precollege comments: Students will work in teams to create 1-minute films from conceptualization 对分布. Each team member will assume the critical roles required on a production 团队,如导演、制片人、编辑等. 学生还将探索 business of the filmmaker and how to reach the desired audience.

HPC 002 ppt的力量
使用ppt,唯一的限制就是你的想象力! 你将学习使用ppt in ways you've never dreamed of to create slideshows for class and your own web pages. Learn how to make digital portfolios, animate your photo library, create moving image montages, turn slideshows into movies, and create a digital runway shows. 在这个 course you will learn how to add text, images, and video to your PowerPoint slides and how to use the animation tools to make your presentations come alive.

This course introduces students to the processes involved in making 静态网站. Learn how to plan a website, storyboard the design, create the navigation and flow, 并最终创建网站. 学生将提出所有必需的材料 元素,包括图像、文本和多媒体组件. 学生可使用他们的 portfolio or a fictitious company as the subject of their final project. 对 students who want to begin promoting their talents or events!