HDE 101 设计零售体验
零售体验不仅仅是购物. 它也是一种游戏,一种逃避, 社交和娱乐合二为一. 学习如何创建动态 retail environments and discover the technologies that support your ideas. 设计 interactive experiences merged with merchandising strategies that will engage and 在顾客购物时取悦他们. (You can skip this summer class if you've already taken HDE 113)

什么是体验式零售? 如果你曾经在商店里买过东西 a toy, had a tea party with your doll, enjoyed coffee in a cyber café, or been engaged in live entertainment while you browsed, you've already experienced this trend in “retail-tainment." Learn how to merge interactive experiences with merchandising strategies 让顾客在购物时逃避现实. 概念化你自己的零售环境 while learning about the technologies that support your ideas.

HDE 114 Styling of Fashion, Food and 首页 Products for the Visual 行业
If you're considering a career in the visual presentation industry, you must develop 对细节和风格有敏锐的眼光. 本课程介绍时尚的造型技巧, print ads, retail, home decoration, and media opportunities. 作业包括 set and prop styling, styling for a fashion shoot, styling for food presentations, 还有家居造型. Students will design, resource, style, and compose three-dimensional works that will include merchandise, props, and backgrounds. 所有的工作都将数字化 photographed by the instructor for students to use in their portfolios. hd114画廊

HDE 116店内销售技巧
今天最受欢迎的商店相互比较如何? 是什么让一家店“火爆”? and one store "cool," while still appealing to the same consumer market? 你会 learn to create branded environments and display presentations based on top designers 和零售商. Working individually and in teams, you will be introduced to styling and merchandising techniques that appeal to a targeted marketplace. 项目将 包括人体模型造型和创建窗口展示. HDE 116图库